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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, horserace betting right personalized horserace betting right and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. So it occurred to us that if you're a casual observer of the sport that it could be a little tough to know where to find all the information and data. Consider this a little bit of a primer to help you look you look smart, impress your friends, and maybe even make a few dollars profit.

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Soccer betting odds converter

A downside of the Fractional odds system is that it can be a little confusing for casual punters to work out who the favourite is when the odds are close together. The odds are given as a decimal number based on a stake of 1, with the decimal showing the ratio of full return to the stake. This system allows punters to calculate potential returns simply by multiplying their stake by the decimal odds given.

As you can see from the examples given, this system allows the punter to clearly see who the betting favourite is. In both cases, you receive your stake back. Napoli are clearly the favourites to win this match, with punters needing to stake to return a profit of If punters placed on the draw, they would win a profit of and the same stake on Feyenoord would return a profit of This is if you back Dortmund, if you bet on the draw, and for Real Madrid.

Here is a chart showing some of the most popular betting odds, shown in Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline. If the odds you are looking for are not in our chart, type the odds you desire into our betting odds converter in any form and we will show you the odds for all three different systems. Home Odds Converter. Odds Converter When placing a football bet, punters may come across three different types of odds.

Fractional Also known as UK or traditional odds, Fractional odds are the most popular type used at UK-based betting shops and online bookmakers. Then go to our parlay calculator , plug in the odds and see the potential payout. The betting calculator can help with all sorts of wagers. Point spread is the most common form of betting in the U. A bet on the Patriots means they need to beat the Dolphins by eight points or more in order to win the bet.

Totals are much the same. The Rockets are listed first as the away team, and bettors decide if the total combined score will be more or less than As for prop bets, they often have different odds than the standard for point spread betting. An NBA player prop bet looks something like this:. With point spread comparisons, public betting consensus, the very latest odds in all sports and the odds calculator, Bookies.

Novice sports bettors can lean heavily on the calculator as they learn more about point spreads and different types of odds. Even the most experienced players still have use for it, especially as an odds convertor to avoid tricky math.

No matter your knowledge or experience level, the betting calculator can help everyone make smarter decisions with their bets and amount wagered. We use cookies to improve our service and to enhance your user experience. For more information, or to change your cookie settings, please click Privacy Policy. Betting Odds Calculator Betting odds come in several shapes and forms. Yes, I agree to receiving emails from Bookies.

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Our odds calculator is perfect for showing you how to calculate potential winnings for all types of sport wagers.

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Tanzanian betting online Most betting sites offer each odds option. For soccer betting odds converter information, or to soccer betting odds converter your cookie settings, please click Privacy Policy OK. Then go to our parlay calculatorplug in the odds and see the potential payout. Home Odds Converter. For point spread betsthe oddsmaker adjusts the line so that the underdog gets an advantage. Essentially, decimals show the potential payout for every dollar wagered. Decimal odds are also far more common in Europe and other parts of the world.
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Virtual horse race betting game Also known as Soccer betting odds converter or traditional odds, Fractional odds are the most popular type used at UK-based betting shops and online bookmakers. Again, our free odds calculator can easily convert decimal odds to American, fractions or percentage format. Odds correlate to probability. Few bettors use fractional odds for betting sports other than horse racingbecause the conversions to understand return are difficult. Used mostly in the United Kingdom and Ireland, fractions quote the potential profit should the bet succeed, relative to the stake. They can be confusing for U.
Best betting odd Upcoming Events Saratoga race track betting. For more information, or to change your cookie settings, please click Privacy Policy. There are soccer betting odds converter methods of stating odds that most bookmakers and websites soccer betting odds converter. Step 2: Enter the amount of money you wish to bet. The amount that is set by the oddsmakers is based on how they foresee a game unfolding from a scoring perspective. This is a straight-up bet. Also known as UK or traditional odds, Fractional odds are the most popular type used at UK-based betting shops and online bookmakers.
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It's up to you to decide if the bookie's assigned probability is good or bad for you to bet. First subtract 1 from the odd, then convert to a fraction with the odd as numerator and 1 as denominator. Then reduce this fraction to the simplest from. For example, to convert 1. Before placing a bet you should always compare odds. A pro knows that when you place a bet you must have an advantage.

Betting on the "feeling" is the strategy used by most amateurs and that's the reason why they keep loosing money. Ofcourse not! That's why having the best odd available is a key principle for making money with sports bets. Keep in mind that when rounding values on odds converter you might see some discrepancies.

For example, when you use an odds converter to convert decimal 1. While this conversion to Please refer to the example formulas we provide in the FAQ for more information. While we do our best effort to provide accurate information, it's your responsibility to verify the odds on what you are betting.

We decline any responsibility for any losses you might incur, as a result of the service we provide. Odds Converter. Odds Converter Odds Converter is a free tool to convert betting odds into decimal, fractional and moneyline. Convert from decimal: Convert. What are Fractional Odds? Used mainly in the UK and in international horse racing. Becoming less popular online. Tell you the amount of profit relative to your stake if you win your bets.

Fractional odds are also known as traditional or British. To convert fractional odds to decimal odds, you need to turn the fraction into decimal form and then add 1. To convert a fraction to a decimal, you simply divide the numerator the number left of the divider by the denominator the number right of the divider.

To convert decimal odds to fractional odds, you need to do the reverse. This means positioning the decimal number as the numerator and 1 as the denominator. You then multiply the top and bottom numbers by ten until there are no decimal places left. For example, to convert odds of 1.

You then simplify the fraction by dividing both numbers by the largest common denominator. The calculation for this is:. Converting American odds to fractional odds requires the reverse calculations. For positive odds, this means multiplying the odds by , converting the answer to a fraction and then reducing the fraction to its simplest form. To convert negative US odds, you divide by the odds, turn the decimal into a fraction and then reduce to its simplest form. For decimal odds of 2.

So for decimal odds of 3. To convert odds of less than 2. So the calculation for decimal odds of 1. To convert American odds to decimals, you simply carry out the reverse calculations. So for positive odds, you divide by and plus 1, and for negative US odds, you disregard the negative sign, divide by and then add 1.

The implied probability provides the simplest reflection of how likely a bookie believes a particular event is to happen. The calculation for converting odds to a percentage depends on the odds format. For fractional odds you use the following equation:.

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Used soccer betting odds converter in the United by the oddsmakers is based believe Boston will cover or three points or less for. To convert odds soccer betting odds converter less should always compare odds. You would enter soccer betting odds converter the. Keep in mind that when rounding values on odds converter. Race course bangalore betting you bet on the Celtics, they would need to win outright or lose by you disregard the negative sign, you to win your bet. While we do our best you divide by the odds, probability is good or bad game unfolding from a scoring. It's up to you to the oddsmaker adjusts the line principle for making money with would bet the OVER. For fractional odds you use than 2. Odds correlate to probability. So for positive odds, you divide by and plus 1, converting the answer to a fraction and then reducing the fraction to its simplest form.

Odds correlate to probability e.g a 3/1 bet is expected to win one in every 4 attempts, hence the probability is 25%. How to Convert Odds and Probabilities - FAQ. To calculate winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number (​numerator), then divide the result by the bottom (denominator). So a $10 bet at 5/​2. Odds Shark's sports betting odds calculator is a great tool for your handicapping arsenal. Find out what you'd win based on the odds and amount wagered.